Direct Mail Call To Action Examples

How to write an effective call to action for direct mail

Crafting the perfect call to action for your direct mail campaign should be done with care. A lot of marketers make the mistake of thinking that a call-to-action on the web works exactly the same offline. Here are proven simple tricks you can do to boost the effectiveness of your calls to action.

We’ll look at 12 example of direct mail calls to action that work incredibly well for direct mail.

Create Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency will induce a fear of missing out and
incentivize readers to take action. Use time limited offers, or limit the availability of the offer.

Highlight the Benefits

Don’t simple say “Visit the Gym today to become a member”. Instead paint a picture of what pain you’ll solve, or how they’ll benefit from taking the call to action. For example, “Visit the Gym today to finally achieve your weight loss goals

Incentivize the action with a compelling offer

Give the reader a good reason to take action. What’s in it for them? Using an offer is an essential part of any direct mail campaign. Push yourself to go above and beyond for your customers and offer them something of real value.

The power of FREE

Using the word free, or offering something for free works well for B2C and B2B. You don’t need to give everything away, but instead of offering 10% off, offer a free consultation, or free gift with their first order.

Personalise the CTA

When sending direct mail, simply referencing the recipient’s name in the call to action is an underutilised and effective way to increase conversions. Instead of saying “Call us today to book your appointment” just add “Sally, call us today to book your appointment”.

With Postary, you can easily personalise each mailing with merge fields, such as first name.

Use effective command words

Make it clear exactly what you want the reader to do, use words like “buy”, “shop”, “order”, “download”, “subscribe”, and “visit”

Design of direct mail CTA

Draw as much attention as you can to the CTA to make it clear and stand out.

Repeat the call to action

Repeating the call to action increases the chance, and the likelihood of it being noticed. A good way to do this is to have a bold clear single call to action, and also use it at the end of the body text (for example the text on the back of a postcard).

Remove Friction

The call to action should be as simple and friction-less as possible. Avoid asking for high commitment upfront if they’re a cold audience. Consider where they are in the buying process and give them as easy a commitment as possible.

What else?

An effective call to action is just one part of what makes an effective direct mail campaign. Read “The Definitive Guide to Direct Mail” for a complete look and how to drive the highest results.

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