11 Powerful Postcard Marketing Tips

Direct mail marketing using postcards is a highly effective way to acquire and retain customers. Lets look at the 11 things every postcard marketing campaign needs to grab attention and compel your audience to take action and make more sales.

How to Send a Postcard Marketing Campaign in under 4 Minutes

Clear Bold Headline

Use a clear headline, that outlines exactly what the product or service is, or the problem is solves . DO NOT try to be too abstract. You’re customers should be able to glance over the mail to get a good idea of what you’re offer is without second guessing and requiring them to read the rest of the card.

Using an actionable headline will help reinforces the action they should take early on.

Examples of effective Headlines are:

  • Sell your Home and get 20% more
  • Join the Gym run by and for busy Mums
  • Save a Child’s life by sponsoring reusable water filters
  • Spend less time gardening and let us make your garden beautiful

Use a Call-to-Action that converts

Never send a direct mail piece without adding an “Ask”. What action do you want your reader to take after reading the card? Do you want them to call you? Visit your website? Go into a store?

After you’ve decided this, end with a clear direction on what they should do. Keep it short and punchy, you can use this multiple times on the card to reinforce the action.

Here are some examples of calls to action:

  • Book your free consultation now at www.example.com/booking
  • Reserve your spot before 11th June
  • Phone 123-1234-1234 to schedule your first massage
  • Download the app to start saving today

For more information on how to write effective calls-to-action for direct mail campaigns read https://postary.com/blog/direct-mail-call-to-action-examples/

Clear relevant imagery

The image used on the front of the postcard has 2 purposes. To Grab attention, and communicate to the reader what your postcard is about (Backs up the headline). A common mistake is to only focus on 1 of those, and the detriment of the other.

e.g. A postcard about property should have a photo of a property clearly visible. A postcard about a vacuum cleaner should show the product.

Make sure the image you use is crisp and clear, with popping colours which will stand out.

The Offer

Every postcard should include an offer that acts as a bait to encourage your user to take action. Put yourself in the customers shoes, and ask yourself what offer would actually get your attention enough to take action.

Remember your customer is busy and not thinking about you all the time, you have their attention, so make it count!

Contact Information

This one might be obvious, and it’s a very basic tip. Don’t forget to include your contact information and company name/logo. Make sure your branding is clear because physical post is one of the most effective mediums to generate memorable brand awareness.

Sell the benefits (not the features)

People don’t buy features, they buy benefits. When someone buys a drill, they aren’t buying a drill because it has a certain RPM. They are buying it because it creates a hole, helps them hand up frame on the wall.

So talk about the hole!

Here are some example of taking features of both products and service and turning them into benefits:

  • House Cleaning: Regain your free time by letting our professional cleaning team take care of your house after work, so you can better spend your time doing what you enjoy most.
  • Solar powered calculator: Never worry about your calculator running out of battery when you need it most!
  • Accounting service: Stop worrying about your annual returns, we can help you free more time so you can focus on whats really important in growing your business.

Stick to one message

Don’t try to communicate too much information in your card. Focus on one key idea and drive the reader to take 1 clear action. Giving too much information will overwhelm the reader and make them less likely to take action.

Track the performance

As with all marketing, you should be measuring the success of your campaign. The way you do this will depend on the goal, and desired action of the postcards. Here are some ways to measure conversions:

  • Tracked phone number – use call tracking software to include unique phone numbers just for the campaign
  • Use a specific voucher or promotion code for your offer
  • QR Codes – If you use Postary to create your postcards, you can automatically include QR Codes which redirect to your website. Postary automatically tracks and measures who converts through these.
  • Unique short URLs – Using unique URLs and combining this with a compelling offer to encourage the customer to visit a specific web address can be done automatically with Postary

Remember tracking not only tells you if your campaign is working, it also allows you to test different variations and see what works better!

For a full explanation of each tracking method, and when to use each see: 6 ways to to track and measure the performance of your campaign

Clean your address list

The address list you have needs to be up to date, and have only real valid addresses. Make sure to remove any invalid addresses, and update your list as people often move location. How you do this will depend on your list provider.

Laser Focused Targeting

The biggest variable in successful vs unsuccessful direct mail campaigns is making sure your list is only targeting the people in your list most likely to purchase. Putting the extra work to figure out what message to send to which segment of your customers goes a long way. Use postary’s address manager to manage your mailing addresses so you can target your message to the right people.

Personalise each postcard

Personalising each postcard is an insanely effective way to guarantee attention and increase the effectiveness of your campaign. When people see their name in big bold letters on a postcard, they are more likely to pay attention as it feels more personal and special.

In postary you can easily personalise each postcard by including dynamic text fields. Which are automatically replaced with information you provide such as name, job role, or company name.

More Info

For a more detailed look into understanding how to optimise the card design to be more effective, read the ultimate guide: https://postary.com/blog/marketing-with-direct-mail-the-definitive-guide/

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